Crystal Lake Plum

Crystal Lake Plum is the refreshing alternative to ordinary grape wine. Using natural "ume" plum extract imported from Japan, this wine finishes with a hint of naturally sweet plum flavor.

A perfect pairing for all Asian cuisine, it can also be enjoyed over ice as an aperitif.

Store in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening.

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Yaegaki Nigori

This unfiltered sake has been masterfully blended to create a premium quality that is far superior to other nigori.
The well balanced, silky and creamy texture is complemented by a touch of delicate sweetness.

Classification: Nigori (Unfiltered)
Polishing Rate: 65%
Rice Grain: Yamada Nishiki
SMV: -12
Acidity: ---
Location: Hyogo
Producer: YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits., Inc.
Size: 300ml, 720ml

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