Crystal Lake Plum

Crystal Lake Plum is the refreshing alternative to ordinary grape wine. Using natural "ume" plum extract imported from Japan, this wine finishes with a hint of naturally sweet plum flavor.

A perfect pairing for all Asian cuisine, it can also be enjoyed over ice as an aperitif.

Store in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening.

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Yaegaki Nigori

This unfiltered sake has been masterfully blended to create a premium quality that is far superior to other nigori.
The well balanced, silky and creamy texture is complemented by a touch of delicate sweetness.

Classification: Nigori (Unfiltered)
Polishing Rate: 65%
Rice Grain: Yamada Nishiki
SMV: -12
Acidity: ---
Location: Hyogo
Producer: YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits., Inc.
Size: 300ml, 720ml

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Yaegaki ALAKEY Soju

There is no harshness or roughness to this soju, as you may find in other distilled spirits. With its subtle fragrance and clean taste, this soju can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: warm, cold, on the rocks, or mixed with cocktails.

Classification: Barley Shochu
Alcohol %: 24%
Location: Hyogo
Producer: YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits., Inc.
Size: 750ml

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