What is “Kimoto style” sake?

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If you are a sake drinker with an intermediate level of sake knowledge, you may recognize the types of sake as Junmai, Ginjo and Daiginjo as depending on the polishing rate of the rice, the main ingredient of sake. To … Continued

10 Best Appetizers with Sake

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Just as there are many kinds of sake on the market, there are also many kinds of Japanese otsumami (sake appetizers) to pair with them. Here, we pick our top 10 best appetizers for sake. Some of them might seem/taste … Continued

Food Pairing : KATANA Extra Dry Junmai Ginjo

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A full-bodied drink with SMV+7, this super-dry sake has a strong presence and thick flavor with almost no perceptible smell or sweetness. Its excellent flavor, dryness and acidity pair well with bold, sweet, or oily foods. (ex.) Tempura, Sushi, rich-flavor … Continued


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Hello Sake lovers! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product KIGEN SAKE CUP.   “Infusing Japanese Tradition into a Modern Era” KIGEN translates to an origin, a beginning, an era, and refers to Japan’s deep sense … Continued

IWC Champion sake, Okunomatsu Ginjo

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It’s our honor to announce that Okunomatsu Ginjo has been selected as a champion sake (from 1639 sake brands) for International Wine Challenge 2018.