Established: 1858, Nagano, Japan

Two sake brewers from Kurosawa Brewery standing in industrial facility with large tanks.
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Kurosawa Sake Brewery, established in 1858, is renowned for its traditional sake-making methods and commitment to excellence.

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Founded in Nagano Prefecture, Kurosawa Sake Brewery has been crafting premium sake for over 160 years. The brewery’s dedication to quality begins with sourcing the finest local rice and pristine water from the Japanese Alps. Kurosawa Sake is known for its rich, earthy yet smooth, well-balanced flavors, achieved through meticulous fermentation and aging processes called Kimoto style. The brewery offers a variety of sake styles, including junmai and daiginjo, each reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Nagano Prefecture. Kurosawa Sake Brewery also embraces innovation, experimenting with new techniques to produce Nigori sake that appeal to modern palates. Whether enjoying their sake at home or visiting their historic brewery, patrons experience the timeless artistry and tradition of Kurosawa Sake.