Have to stay home? Order premium sake “To-Go” from your local restaurant.

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It seems there is nothing in our lives that has not been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak & subsequent quarantine. This specifically includes the restaurant shut-down order—meaning that you can no longer go out to your favorite Japanese restaurant for an evening of fine Omakase sushi dinner with a glass of premium sake.

But don’t lose hope! Despite these challenging times, you’ll be happy to know that more and more Japanese restaurants are offering extensive “To-Go” order menus that include sake ranging from casual $7.00 KIGEN Sake Cup to $50+ premium daiginjo—along with a variety of quality Japanese dishes (sushi, ramen, tempura, curry rice, etc.)—available for delivery straight to your home.

Alcohol delivery sales have been permitted in California and most other states for decades with various restrictions. However, the restaurant shut-down order in wake of COVID-19 has resulted in a huge demand for delivery orders. In order to assist alcohol-related business, California and other states’ ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) have responded by announcing Regulatory Relief (see www.abc.ca.gov) to temporarily suspend enforcement of specific legal prohibitions—including “To-Go” delivery sales of beer & wine/sake by restaurants.

As more people stay home and eat in, delivery menus for Japanese food and sake are expanding. Tokyoya sushi in Burbank, for example, offers more than 50 kinds of sushi rolls for delivery, along with a selection of 10 premium sake. Killer Noodle in Sawtelle has also expanded its “To-Go” selection to include 100% Chicken ramen with a choice of 12 toppings and an Anago Tempura Bowl; and includes sake such as KIGEN Sake Cup, OKUNOMATSU Ginjo, KUROSAWA Junmai, and KUROSAWA Nigori.

Why not support your local restaurants by ordering one of the following sake/food pairings for delivery to your home?

KIGEN Sake Cup: Light, smooth, easy-drinking sake served in a small (180ml) cup. A perfect sake which goes well with any type of dish.

Kigen Sake

OKUNOMATSU Ginjo: Aromatic and fruity sake. It goes perfectly with light-flavored dishes such as Tonkatsu, Sashimi, roasted fish. 300ml


KATANA Junmai Ginjo: Extra dry sake which goes well with light natural flavored dishes.

HATSUMAGO Junmai Kimoto/ KUROSAWA Junmai Kimoto: Traditional “Kimoto” style sake which go well with rich-flavored food such as Unagi roll, Tempura roll, Spicy roll, Beef bowl, Curry, Yakitori and Teriyaki.

hatsumago_junmai_kimotoKurosawa Junmai Kimoto

KUROSAWA Nigori: Light refreshing unfiltered sake which pairs well with spicy food.