Food Pairing : KATANA Extra Dry Junmai Ginjo

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A full-bodied drink with SMV+7, this super-dry sake has a strong presence and thick flavor with almost no perceptible smell or sweetness. Its excellent flavor, dryness and acidity pair well with bold, sweet, or oily foods. (ex.) Tempura, Sushi, rich-flavor … Continued


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Hello Sake lovers! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product KIGEN SAKE CUP.   “Infusing Japanese Tradition into a Modern Era” KIGEN translates to an origin, a beginning, an era, and refers to Japan’s deep sense … Continued

IWC Champion sake, Okunomatsu Ginjo

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It’s our honor to announce that Okunomatsu Ginjo has been selected as a champion sake (from 1639 sake brands) for International Wine Challenge 2018.